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Re: “A New type of Distinct Society” or “A New Kind of Politics?”

(I am sending out this post in the hopes that someone knows and can translate this into French. I am sending it out for Richard Priestman, the author, who wishes to send it to 2 French speaking Canadians. I support … Continue reading

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Quebec Election – Symptoms of the Universal Democratic Ailment

The students of Quebec must be getting upset or disappointed about now. Only a month ago they were amassed in real democracy, participating on-the-street democracy with up to 200,000 protesters defying the Quebec Government’s implementation of anti protest laws (Bill … Continue reading

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The NDP, Perhaps a Step to Direct Democracy

It is the year anniversary of our beloved Jack Layton’s death. I do not believe in the Party System, but that man could have made me change my mind about his party, with him at the helm. I’ve thought of … Continue reading

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The West is Cultivating Syria’s Enmity to the West

Pictures courtesy of Huffington Post   Fear and Hunger Amid Battle for Aleppo was the headline, meanwhile, Hillary Clinton just continues to yak. By contrast America was not too concerned about Russia’s veto when the US was seeking Gaddafi’s head. … Continue reading

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Lessons Syria and Lybia Can Teach America

I preface my blog with my lament of the stupid and senseless murdering of innocent life. I hold that those that perpetrate such acts of gun crimes are selfish individuals that have no respect for anyone (including themselves). With the … Continue reading

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Pushin Back writer: I reprinted this News Release, complete and word-for-word, so that all those that hope for Monetary Reform will take encouragement that there are things moving in the background to bring about changes. There is still hope. Press … Continue reading

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Voices of Change

Pushin’ Back Writer: I was emailed this dialogue between Richard Priestman of COMER and Jeff Sakula, Treasurer of Canadian Action Party. I agree with both of them on their 2 main points. I like them agree that the Government of … Continue reading

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