Tolkien on Our Struggle for Good

I am a huge Tolkien fan – have been since I was sixteen, when I read the book “Lord of the Rings”. I reread the 1000 and some pages again when I was about 23. But today I recognize so much more the quality of Tolkien’s writings and deep richness of his meaning. Truely, the word masterpiece does not begin to come close to describe the depth of the detail, or the complex interwoven genius of his plot and story.  And I am thrilled to report that the movie is not a whit behind the book in spirit.

In my estimation, there are parts of the Lord of the Rings that are prophetic; particularly in Tolkien’s second book of the three book series, in The Two Towers. Tolkien writes of his insights into the nature of evil, and man’s place to fight the fight.

Samwise, the faithful servant and companion to Frodo on the quest to Mordor, the Hobbit. Frodo, is the main character, who represents you and me, who has the charge of destroying the ring of evil power. In the final scenes of The Two Towers, the weight of fighting the evil of the ring is weighing very heavy on the small Frodo. Frodo entertains the notion of giving to give into and ending the struggle. With the mental struggle, and in the confusion Frodo almost kills Samwise. In the last second Frodo comes to his senses and spares Samwise’s life, but sits in a lump of confusion and despair.

frodo and samwise

Exhausted of the responsibility, the struggle and the journey, Frodo says “ I can’t do this Sam”.

Samwise: By rights we shouldn’t even be here, but we are. It is like in the great stories (of the Shire) Mr. Frodo, the ones that really matter; full of darkness and danger they were. Sometimes you didn’t want to know the ending. How could the end be happy? How could the World go back to the way it was when there was so much madness happening? But in the end it’s only a passing thing. Even darkness must pass, a new day will come. And when the sun shines it will shine out all the clearer.

Those were the stories that stayed with you, and meant something; even if you were too small to understand why. And I think, Mr. Frodo, I do understand. I know now. Folks in those stories had lots of chances to turn back, but they didn’t, they kept going because they were holding onto something.

Frodo: What are we holding onto Sam?

Samwise: That there is some good in the world Mr. Frodo, and it’s worth fighting for. (End of Quote)

So I leave this to you, you who fight for Democracy, and Freedom, and Goodness. Keep on fighting, because the goodness inherent in. Democracy and Freedom are worth it; to you in your life, and for the quality of life for your children, and children’s children.

We see our lives as today, but nothing in this world remains static, all things are ever moving. Our poor Democracy will not improve because we hope it will, and things can only get worse without our effort.  As Lord Acton said “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”, our leaders will not stop pressing upon us for more power which will reduce our Democracy and and our freedoms. We must ever be vigilant, if not for ourselves, for those we love and those that will come after us.


About pushinback

Back in 1993, I attended an anti-Nafta rally in Ottawa along with over 110,000 others. But despite the overwhelming opposition to NAFTA, the steamroller rolled on. It was there that I came to understand the one vital thing that I have been preaching ever since. There are so many issues, and so many fighting each issue, we are all spinning our wheels, and wasting our time, talents and energy, because each election, we give the politicians our power and so the deck is stacked against us. I said it that day and I say it with more fervency today. We all have one issue that we share, and we should all stop fighting for our own issues and losing anyways, and we should fight to achieve that one thing that we all share. We Canadians all have to fight to finally get a say between elections. We need to fight to make politicians accountable to us, the people. If there is no accountability, and the people have no say between elections, we have no Democracy. My Blog is written to teach the reader the essential knowledge of freedom and Democracy. Please read, and learn. I am one person, but I leave you my witness that one person is not powerless, only first you must first learn and then act. Let the democratic revolution begin. Kindest regards, Rob McQueen
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