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Downloads for Democracy

This is something new for me. This is set up to be a resource for people engaging in the pursuit of Growing a Democracy in Canada. These are download that you can listen to, and hopefully download for educational purposes … Continue reading

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IDLENOMORE Strikes a Cord of the Heart

(Thank you Tara Hunt for the use of this picture)   I was at the Flash mob at the White Oak Mall and a woman rightly pointed out that a letter is better to get the point across. You know, … Continue reading

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A Spiritual Message at Christmas

I didn’t feel right writing a political blog today, it being Christmas Day and all. Usually I put blogs of a religious nature on my other blog Thoughts and Discoveries, but freedom and spirituality are the two sides of the … Continue reading

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Thomas Jefferson’s Reasoning for “The Right to Bear Arms”

It has been absolutely shocking, and sickening, the shooting of the  20 helpless children and the adults that bravely tried to protect them. It is not surprising in the least that in the emotion of the horror there has been a … Continue reading

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The New Democracy

Here you sit, in the Chamber of the London City Hall. London Council is going to vote on whether or not they will ask Mayor Fontana to step aside. The meeting, because it seems irrelevant to you, seems boring. But … Continue reading

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Doing Your Part

The Council vote has been taken and Mayor Fontana has comfortably retained his place on Council; he would have anyway due to the flaw in the Municipal Act. To me the flaw in the Municipal act is that there is … Continue reading

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Making Mayor Fontana Accountable

Since Mayor Fontana was charged by the RCMP London has been in the Canadian spotlight. A group of London citizens fear that businesses may not come to London due to fears that with someone with charges at London’s helm. London … Continue reading

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