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What is Real?

I have struggled with this post for almost 2 months now. I feel like I need to give warning, that this is not a post for those that are faint of mind. Having said that, I pose the question to … Continue reading

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Will Trudeau or Mulcair Save Canada from Harper

We can stop reading our tea leaves, Justin Trudeau is the new leader of the Liberal Party. He has brought huge numbers of new people into the Liberal tent, many of them are new to an interest in politics; many … Continue reading

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Auditor-General’s 36 major Concerns re: Ontario Renewable Energy Initiatives

This is a repost of an excellant article. We have to look at the facts before we can more ahead and make changes. I haven’t changed the text. Auditor-General’s 36 major concerns re: Ontario renewable energy initiatives ( found at … Continue reading

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Banks aren’t the only villains outsourcing jobs: Walkom

  I am reposting this article to help the issue become exposed to a larger audience and to keep the issue in the public eye. I am publishing it in its entirety and without changing the text ( I have … Continue reading

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This is Harper’s Democracy

Our Prime Minister, Stephan Harper has an enormous impact on our financial and our personal lives and at the same time he has a tremendous effect on our democracy, and where he is taking it. I preface my blog by … Continue reading

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What We Can Learn From Ralph Klein

Canada and more specifically Alberta lost the poster child of good politician when Ralph Klein left politics, and perhaps it is especially fitting that we remember him in today’s day of “nothing like Klein”  federal politicians. If there was one … Continue reading

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