Canadian Cabinet Members Under Control by Foreign Nations

There are some times when you see or read a news article and think that it is an unique and isolated incident, but with an understanding of the big picture individual incidents merely weave into the fabric of a story of what is a policy and/or a philosophy of your Government.

Canadians have short memories. Too short. Perhaps when we get news updated every hour on the hour it is easy to see the news pass through our memory banks in the clutter. British Lord Acton espousing this Truth, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. This speaks on and individual level.  This is a story where we, the Canadian people, need to fear government, to the extent that we need to gain some control over our overreaching Government.

Here is the alarming clip, the clip that started my thinking.

(Published Nov. 17, 2012, CSIS boss Richard Fadden went to the CBC to talk to the people of Canada)

Mr Fadden’s words are that he wanted to take the issue of “Foreign control of Canadian Cabinet Members to the Canadian public” You will note also that he identified that these Cabinet Members come from 2 Provinces.

Some thoughts and Questions

Surely Mr. Fadden had already discussed the matter with Prime Minister Harper. So why go public?  I get that he wanted the offenders to know that he was watching them, but why to the public?  Perhaps it is not what we can do about it as much as to let the PM know that the issue is out there in the opening.

You note the warning “I am watching you.” But developments that followed may tell a story of its own. In the short days after he went to the public the Mr. Fadden was removed from his post as head of the CSIS and is now he is an Assistant to the Minister of Defense.”  I guess no one is watching them now. And if someone decided to watch they would know that retribution could be at hand. At that level of office could anyone short of the Prime Minister be responsible in his removal?

Although no countries were named (in Fadden’s statement) the National Post, Globe and Mail, CBC, CTV, and several other Canadian media outlets have speculated that Mr. Fadden is referring to China”. And when Peter Mansbridge asked him the question of China, Mr. Fadden smiled, but he did not say no.


Here is a picture of Foreign Affairs parliamentary secretary Bob Dechert acknowledges he sent flirtatious emails to Shi Rong, right, a Toronto-based journalist with China’s state-run news agency. (picture courtesy of National Post) The full National Post story is a shocker, (Article called “Canadians must be wary of sexpionage”) found at:

Perhaps this will give some clarity of what one of the provinces is.

So the Chinese are deeply needing oil. And the Prime Minister seems only too eager to give our resources away. Harper supporters must re-evaluate their backing of Harper. Instead of a being a leader Canadians can have confidence in, in managing our affairs, Harper may have become a burdensome liability.

The next question is how far up the Canadian political ladder has been bought  by the Chinese. Is this a clue?

Could this explain why CSIS head Richard Fadden would go to the public? Fadden couldn’t bring charges without the Prime Minister’s involvement. So what could a patriotic Fadden do but go to the public with a warning? This also explains why he, professing that he was keeping an eye on the offenders, would be removed from his position.

It is time that Harper supporters re-assess their backing for Prime Minister Harper and his Government. What they once saw as good leadership in him has turned into a nightmare that China will soon bring upon us.

My next post will ask the question “Why Would the Harper Government Betray Voters”


About pushinback

Back in 1993, I attended an anti-Nafta rally in Ottawa along with over 110,000 others. But despite the overwhelming opposition to NAFTA, the steamroller rolled on. It was there that I came to understand the one vital thing that I have been preaching ever since. There are so many issues, and so many fighting each issue, we are all spinning our wheels, and wasting our time, talents and energy, because each election, we give the politicians our power and so the deck is stacked against us. I said it that day and I say it with more fervency today. We all have one issue that we share, and we should all stop fighting for our own issues and losing anyways, and we should fight to achieve that one thing that we all share. We Canadians all have to fight to finally get a say between elections. We need to fight to make politicians accountable to us, the people. If there is no accountability, and the people have no say between elections, we have no Democracy. My Blog is written to teach the reader the essential knowledge of freedom and Democracy. Please read, and learn. I am one person, but I leave you my witness that one person is not powerless, only first you must first learn and then act. Let the democratic revolution begin. Kindest regards, Rob McQueen
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