Why Would the Harper Government Betray Voters?

Chairman Harper

In my last post I showed where CSIS boss, Richard Fadden, warned Canadians that Canadian Cabinet Ministers were under the control of foreign nations, and more notably China. I showed where the influence had gone as far north as the Prime Minister himself, him becoming a cheerleader for all things Chinese (even Pandas).

What needs to be added in this post is that at the Chinese insistence the deal would take 30 years for Canada to withdraw from the deal (lucky us). And just like any other Free Trade Deal, that Canada has ever signed, if Chinese companies are inhibited from making money in Canada, they can sue Canada for inhibiting them. If Canada doesn’t like that they use all kinds of chemicals growing the food that you and I will be asked to buy from them, China will likely have Canada in court. Will they win? It may be more a matter of law rather than Canadians’ health. Many of China’s largest companies are owned by their Government and have mighty deep pockets to sue us with.

And I posted a Rick Mercer You Tube clip, that stated that Harper himself signed a free trade agreement with China, before going to Parliament with it, in Russia, in a hotel room; bet that was never done before? Bet that Stephan felt lots of emotions at that moment. Maybe not pride, and maybe not the warm and fuzzies of doing a good deed, but it was more likely the twang of guilt and a feeling of fear, that the Canadian public just might wake up and think what he was doing was treasonous. Bet the room was just filled with red flags waving, and his little heart was a’ pitter pattering with anxiety.

Now, I always want to know the why of things; like why would Harper do it? Why would he betray the voters that way? Well, why stop now. Every time he makes a decision, with his Majority Government of 39.62% of the popular vote, he is betraying 60.38% of the voters that decided that they would rather Harper take a flying leap than have him be their Prime Minister.

He’s practices at betrayals; the Omnibus Bill Budget that increased the age of people getting their Old Age Pensions, and  ticked off many of Harper’s own voters, “This government I think is the most undemocratic in Canadian history,” said one protester.

Getting back to the “Why’s”, Why would Harper go so far as to betray the trust of the voters? of the Canadian people? I don’t have access to Harper and Co.’s bank accounts, so I will not go there, dispite the fact that many of you readers are already whispering under your breathes. I tried to discern the philosophical reason Harper decided on his course of action.

Harper, has a Masters in Economics, and a minor in thinking he is always right (just kidding, kinda). He has seen the tealeaves (probably Obama served them as a beverage at the White House). I was watching a You Tube clip by Peter Schiff, called “Why Canada Will Divorce The US And Marry China”, where Schiff talks frankly about America’s debt, that they will never be able to pay it off, specifically that they are in such debt that everyone that does business with America sell to America and America basically give them an IOU. He said “The US doesn’t buy stuff, no, the rest of the world give it to us, and we take it”, (that is about 17minutes and 30 seconds into his speech. The whole thing is worth listening to). He also equates it as America is running a great big ponzi scheme, raising their Debt Ceiling despite knowing that they will never be able to pay off their present debt (8min and 20 min. into speech), and later he explains that Canada will divorce America, who only gives a promise of payment, when, if Canada would do business with China, China would be able to give them money that is real and worth something more than a debt.

He did not get into it, but I add that it is likely that the 1% is also trying to get out of a sinking ship (the American financial mess), and get into getting real value in business dealings. They would think of it as survival in tomorrow’s financial world.

So, whether it is because Harper is doing it for Canada, but more likely that he is doing it for the 1% (his benefactors), he is doing it behind Canadians backs. Few people know that his Government has been negotiating with the Chinese for about 6 years. That is enough time for him to have told Canadians his plans during 2 elections. So why has he not informed us of his plans? Perhaps because he is doing what is good for us, and because he is smarter than us and he doesn’t want us to mess it up by disagreeing with him and put him out of power before he can do it. Or, more likely that he is doing it for the 1% and that in itself is underhanded, so he has to keep it quiet to allow him the time to hand over the gift to them. Whatever, it is a massive betrayal of the trust the Canadian voter has entrusted him with, as they quickly went off to sleep. It is also a wake up call to stop trusting our leaders to jolly well run about the world signing deals in meetings that the World Leaders hold in secret. Can they be trusted? Can they be trusted with our Democracy ( the miserably pitiful one that we have)? Simply, NO.

I will end on this note. Why China? Why not trade with Brazil, or India? Is India not also an up and coming economy with a massive population? Sure India is not as far ahead as China, but they are at least much more democratic than China, and they don’t oppress and jail their people. They share a common heritage that we do, as part of the British Empire. Choosing China over India itself is a betrayal of Canadian values that will have Canadians in business with our neighbourhood poisoners of toys, and food producers that have no standard of pesticide/herbicide use.

Along with the Chinese Government coming over with their $tens of billions, Harper will be handing over our resources to them and will most definitely propel them to the top of the heap in the Number One Global Economic Spot. Would we not rather have India in a rival position to China? When America is not the great Super Power, what will the World look like when Canada helps propel oppressive China to the top.


About pushinback

Back in 1993, I attended an anti-Nafta rally in Ottawa along with over 110,000 others. But despite the overwhelming opposition to NAFTA, the steamroller rolled on. It was there that I came to understand the one vital thing that I have been preaching ever since. There are so many issues, and so many fighting each issue, we are all spinning our wheels, and wasting our time, talents and energy, because each election, we give the politicians our power and so the deck is stacked against us. I said it that day and I say it with more fervency today. We all have one issue that we share, and we should all stop fighting for our own issues and losing anyways, and we should fight to achieve that one thing that we all share. We Canadians all have to fight to finally get a say between elections. We need to fight to make politicians accountable to us, the people. If there is no accountability, and the people have no say between elections, we have no Democracy. My Blog is written to teach the reader the essential knowledge of freedom and Democracy. Please read, and learn. I am one person, but I leave you my witness that one person is not powerless, only first you must first learn and then act. Let the democratic revolution begin. Kindest regards, Rob McQueen
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