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Duffy and Wallin in Deep Water

There is a desert story of a rattlesnake and a fox at a river. The fox was down to the river to get a drink when the rattlesnake approached the fox and said “the current is strong in the river … Continue reading

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Harper and $13 Thousand Dollars of Credibility

Mike Duffy’s assertion that he actually received a second cheque has caused Stephan Harper a problem that the Prime Minister (PM) hadn’t anticipated. If Duffy has received a second cheque, and it can be proven by him, it sets off … Continue reading

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Yeehaw, Riding the 1% Dream

So, how is your treadmill treating you? It was not too many years ago that a man could go to work and make a sufficient enough funds to keep his family. Then expenses became such that the lady of the … Continue reading

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Keep Your Eye on ALEC

A caution needs to go out to American readers to be aware of the existence of an American organization called Alec. Alec brings American legislators together with Multinational Corporations, with the expressed purpose of drafting sample legislation that appears to … Continue reading

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