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I thought that I would include this post that I came across. We could all use saving money on gas for our vehicles. With more money in our own pockets we win against the Petroleum companies that are ripping us off.

And this applies to all aspects of life – money saved is better than money earned because you don’t have to  pay any more taxes on the money that we have saved. Likewise, with so much money being funneled away from our pockets it is important to save where we can to pay off debt that we do have. To be in debt is to be enslaved.

I will have other articles about saving money in later blogs.

From Consumer Report comes this You Tube clip on how to ” Save Money on Gas”.


There is also the old fashioned way, watch for trends, gas is always cheaper in the late afternoon and keep your tank relatively full and just watch for a cheaper price to buy before the tank gets too low. Gas is cheapest late in the evening near the stations closing time.

While it isn’t always true, gas is usually more expensive the day the long weekend begins and the day it end. I would imagine so it can catch people filling up on the way out of town and filling up on the way home. So plan to gas up before the long weekend and the day after.

When I drive I watch the traffic two or more blocks ahead. If the stop light is green 2 or more blocks ahead there is a good chance the light will be red by the time I get there. You will learn the length of time lights stays green as you study the timing of lights. If you know that the light will be red before you get there slow down so, 1. you will not be speeding up to the stop, thus burning more gas than if coasting, and 2. if you slow down 3 blocks away the light will likely change back to green and you will not lose your car’s momentum by having to come to a full stop. Remember that starting and stopping your car uses up waste the most gas.

If you can do your driving before or after rush hours. These are times to high traffic which slow you down and get you sitting at stop lights more often and  longer, you might be at a stop for 2 lights instead of going right through at low traffic times.

Plan out your trip. If you have several items to pick up planning out the order of your stops can cut down on the time you actually are driving, doing your stops in a circular pattern is better than zig zagging back and forth all over the town or the city. One last tip, if you need to buy gas plan to get it in the evening. I have noticed that gas is most expensive in the morning. The price of gas will drop around 4 o’clock or so (watch for the rhythm in your area) and the price will again drop around 11 PM. This could mean the difference in 4 cents a litre (here in Canada). That would be 20 cents a gallon if we were still on the imperial system.

For Ontario Drivers, here is a link to find out what the gas price will be tomorrow. The site is called Tomorrow’s Gas Price Today. The site was started by Dan McTeague, and is well maintained with everything gas, prices in your city, prices at the border, cheapest price in your city, and hey you can even leave your 2 cents worth on Have Your Say.

Here is as sample of what you will see:

TGPT.CA Friends —   Good news as gas prices are set to drop overnight for Sunday Nov 4. See your city here for all the details.

Here is your link to Tomorrow’s Gas Price Today:

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