Herbal Remedy for Pinkeye

pink eye


There is an outbreak of Pink eye in Quebec and so I thought that I would add this post to help people see that there are natural alternatives for healing yourself. This is what I wrote as a comment on a news article:

This is a post to those that know somewhat know about herbs and their uses, or to anyone that can follow instructions very well.

I’ve had pink eye before. I am a drywall taper and my boss forced me to use mud that had gone rancid. The other half of the story is that I have been using herbs to heal myself since I was 12, so naturally I  used something natural.

I washed my hands, and pot that I would use. I boiled the water and pours some in a clean tea cup. This was to heat up the cup. After sitting for a couple of minutes I poured out the water, threw in a chamomile tea bag and poured about a half inch of water in the cup. This little amount is so I have enough to make the tea in the bag hot brew, but it is not so much to dilute the healing properties in the Chamomile. Only leave the tea bag in the water for a minute, and then take the bag out of the water and let it cool, but not go cold, I open up my infected eye with two fingers of one hand and with other hand squeeze the liquid from the tea bag into the eye. I then roll my eye around in the socket so that the liquid can get to the back of the eyeball. The eye is infected all the way to the back.

An alternate I do, if I have an eye cup (from a Pharmacy), is to squeezing the liquid into the eye bath cup. I place my eye onto the cup and tilt my head back so liquid will get into the eye. Again I roll my eye around in the socket.

If I have some turmeric I will use a small amount of in the water with the initial brewing process to help ease the swelling.

I will avoid junk in my diet, I double up on eating vegetables. Inasmuch as I love using garlic to help treat any infection in the body, I will also drink 2 glasses of water, put some water in my mouth, throw in a clove of garlic, chew it a bit and swallow. Garlic is a natural antibiotic. I will do that 4 or 5 times a day. And this is vital, keep up the treatment for a whole day after you feel you are cured.

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  1. marylouise stathers says:

    Good on ya! Yes, 5 – 10 half-cup servings of fruit & vegs/day & an apple before bed hits the spot! Date: Sat, 22 Feb 2014 12:52:17 +0000 To: mlstathers@live.ca

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