We Numbers Disappear as Equations

people as numbersWe Numbers Disappear as Equations

Years ago,  society struggled in a battle not to be seen as numbers. It appears that we lost that battle, that today in the complexity of the World we are no longer simply numbers, economists have reduced us all to equations. If we are hard to be seen as numbers, as equations we have become invisible. (Rob McQueen)

This is a podcast from a CBC Show, The Current on it’s Project Money, with host Anna Maria Tremonte. From the show:

We spend therefore what are we? Philip Roscoe on how the science of economics threatens our humanity

We spend therefore what are we? Philip Roscoe on how the science of economics threatens our humanity
Some days it seems we are all just one calculation away from salvation or damnation. Author Philip Roscoe argues we have absorbed the language of economics, seeing too many aspects of the world through cost-benefit analysis and losing a little bit of humanity in the process. Our Project Money brings you a lament over a species, rapidly morphing into Homo-Economicus.
When the economic crash of 2007 and 2008 slammed North America and much of the rest of the world, governments ran to economists, begging for solutions.Philip Roscoe believes governments might have been better off to run the other way. He feels economists and their theories helped lead to a crisis that’s still punishing the world.Philip Roscoe is an associate professor in Management at the School of Management at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland and the author of the new book, I spend therefore I am: How Economics has Changed the Way We Think and Feel. To listen click on the URL  below (Interview starts at 1 Min. 45 Seconds) :


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About pushinback

Back in 1993, I attended an anti-Nafta rally in Ottawa along with over 110,000 others. But despite the overwhelming opposition to NAFTA, the steamroller rolled on. It was there that I came to understand the one vital thing that I have been preaching ever since. There are so many issues, and so many fighting each issue, we are all spinning our wheels, and wasting our time, talents and energy, because each election, we give the politicians our power and so the deck is stacked against us. I said it that day and I say it with more fervency today. We all have one issue that we share, and we should all stop fighting for our own issues and losing anyways, and we should fight to achieve that one thing that we all share. We Canadians all have to fight to finally get a say between elections. We need to fight to make politicians accountable to us, the people. If there is no accountability, and the people have no say between elections, we have no Democracy. My Blog is written to teach the reader the essential knowledge of freedom and Democracy. Please read, and learn. I am one person, but I leave you my witness that one person is not powerless, only first you must first learn and then act. Let the democratic revolution begin. Kindest regards, Rob McQueen
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One Response to We Numbers Disappear as Equations

  1. M L Stathers says:

    Neo Economists are promoting sociopathic economics. Some time ago, deciding to read the great guru, Adam Smith’s “…Wealth of Nations” before I die, & incidently discovered Prof. Arthur Herman’s PhD thesis “How the Scots Invented the Modern World & Everything In It”, especially his Ch 8 “Adam Smith And His Frends”. In that, he described Smith’s contention that a country’s population WOULD NOT BE A BALANCED & CONTENTED SOCIETY UNLESS HIS THEORIES IN ‘W of N’ WERE PAIRED WITH HIS THEORIES IN ‘THE THEORY OF MODERN SENTIMENT’, his first & considered BEST book. “…Modern Sentiment” promoted ‘fellow feeling’ actions to counter-act the ‘greed’ (so espoused today). This is so evident today!

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