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A Question for a Voter that is Experimentally Inclined

  Rob McQueen here. I have a question for anyone that is voter experimentally inclined. In one election, I asked a polling clerk “whose ballot is this”. He said “it is your ballot”. To which I said “I mean, whosssse … Continue reading

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The Rise of Putin

Putin is big in the news right now. I found a documentary to show how he came to power. I hope you enjoy the video. It will give you an idea of who the man is, that has become such … Continue reading

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A Better Strategy for Nigeria

  I don’t know how to catalog this article. I am just dumbfounded that the things in the news seems to ridiculous that you feel like shouting at your radio or television. Sometimes people in the news seem so stupid … Continue reading

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The Dirt on Burials

  You know how expensive funerals are. So you think that you are being ripped off? Well, you are. I like to help my readers save money, to enable them to become more self-sufficient. I have always had the opinion … Continue reading

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So Your Afraid of China

So Your Afraid of China; well maybe there is not a good reason to be. There was a time that everyone in the World was terrified of China with it’s massive population. Imagine China with one fifth of the World’s … Continue reading

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