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Designed Selfishness For a long time I have believed that each emotion comes with its own chemistry; that is why I decided to be kind, helpful, friendly, funny (I hope), and friends with everyone with whom I come into contact with. … Continue reading

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Hits to my Posts are Up, and Growing

Hits to my Posts are Up, and Growing. If you are reading my posts, and you are enjoying them, likely your political friends, family, some office colleagues and acquaintances will too. They are people like you and I are. People … Continue reading

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Harper’s Shady Democracy

  #181923817 /   When I was a kid, elections, and democracy was where politicians and their parties laid out their platforms, and their visions for the Nation and the people would review what was said and vote according … Continue reading

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Too Close to Call

#492412237 / The Scottish Independence Referendum is upon us and again we hear the chiming of the now too familiar phrase “TOO CLOSE TO CALL”. Way back when, this is the polling result from Alberta’s surprising election: Prediction: April … Continue reading

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Have the Guts to Be a GMO Activist

Have the guts to be a GMO activist.   I wrote something on Facebook that I got very little response over; something that I had  hoped that many would have agreed with, shared and also would have done. I quoted … Continue reading

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The Decline of America

I like to bring my readers resourses that perhaps they will not be aware of or access to. This article features a podcast from Ideas, a CBC Radio One program from Canada. The original plodcast was call The Sorrows of … Continue reading

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The Franklin Expedition

I admire courage no matter what the circumstance. Like I think the Prime Minister is courageous for trying to claim to be a part of the discovery of Franklyn’s ship while his butt was affixed firmly to a seat in … Continue reading

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