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A Past Event

I am putting this out on a blog to show people what I have been up to. I put it out there so you will know that an article will soon be written called “Making the News”, which will be … Continue reading

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Make Your Own Pectin was an article written by another writer. I  do not lay claim to writing this. I also let the work speak for itself. I thought it was rather funny. The author goes by the monicker The … Continue reading

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Makayla Sault Dies of Cancer

              I am writing this letter in case the Medical System moves in to carve up the movement toward the use of herbs. This article was written with the advent of the unfortunate event … Continue reading

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I Fight for Freedom Because I am Christian

I wrote this article because I have many Atheist friends that are constantly posting things like this on Facebook. This Post is the result of me seeing this picture and quite frankly, I am tired of seeing the constant sniping … Continue reading

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Where Did You Come From?

I am a gardener. When I was 8, my parents owned a new house in Scarborough, just aside Toronto. There was not yet any grass planted, so I went into the house and asked Mom if she could give me … Continue reading

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We Want to be More Than We Are

I have this  belief that we all want to be more than we presently are, well at least those of us who haven’t  given up on life yet. We want to be better, kinder, more loving, and we mostly want … Continue reading

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It is Time You Produced Your Own Food

          My readers will know that when I was young, I grew up on a farm in the middle of nowhere, and across the road was 2 square miles of forest. I ran around the woods … Continue reading

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