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The Signs of Democracy.

  We are having an election, some say that it is proof that we have a Democracy, but that is not what is going on out there. I am an Activist that has been engaged in the process of democracy … Continue reading

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Time to Rethink Our Allegiance to Parties

I think that it is time for citizens to rethink Parties and the Party System. We are quickly approaching the Federal Election and the Opposition Parties are quick to tell us that the Harper Government is bad for Canada and … Continue reading

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Democratic Math

Democratic Math I tell people that we don’t have Democracy. They look at me as if I have 2 heads, “Of course we have Democracy, we have elections” is the thought racing through their heads. So here is the math … Continue reading

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Only One Election Question

Only One Election Question There is only one election question that needs to be asked of candidates to find out whom you should vote for. It make it very easy to sift through all the negativity of Negative Ads, the … Continue reading

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