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Winter Wellness Workshop

            Winter Wellness Workshop I will begin with the understanding, that the things I say are from my experience, or from what I would do, and what I believe about health. I add that disclaimer … Continue reading

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The Bird Flu is Nothing to Fear

The bird flu outbreak in the turkey population in Woodstock, Ontario, is a tragedy to the farmers and must send a fearful chill up the backs of all poultry producers in the area. The incident of the outbreak exposes some … Continue reading

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Why I Am Passionate Teaching the Mysteries of Herbs

I love what I am doing, using and teaching about herbs. Many people have told me that I should charge people money for teaching my workshops, but I tell them that I do not want money for the workshops, etc. … Continue reading

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Teaching About Herbs – As an Effective Political Force

Teaching about medicinal herbs is not just a swipe at the Pharmaceutical Industry, it is a force toward constructive activism. Recently, I was asked to do a workshop on medicinal and edible herbs. We thought that 11 would come, judging … Continue reading

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Herbal Remedy for Pinkeye

  There is an outbreak of Pink eye in Quebec and so I thought that I would add this post to help people see that there are natural alternatives for healing yourself. This is what I wrote as a comment … Continue reading

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