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Activists – Get Control of Your Own Personal Information

Activists – Get Control of Your Own Personal Information Many to most activists are concerned about all of their own personal information out there in the public. Maybe you have some info that you want sheltered, or you have a … Continue reading

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The Revelations of Edward Snoden via Glenn Greenwald

I am always trying to bring information to my readers and to the general public from source that others my not be associated with. This podcast comes from a CBC Radio 1 program Day Six with Brent Bambury(for American readers, … Continue reading

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Ain’t You Hurtin Enough Yet?

There was this stranger that went up to a hillbilly’s house to speak to the old hillbilly on the porch. As they were speaking an old hound dawg whimpered and quiverred on its back leg. The Stranger noticed it, but … Continue reading

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