Man’s War on Nature


Dandelions have had a long history as a food and as a medicine; so much so that the Europeans brought it to this new land from Europe. It was a common food in Europe and valued for its nutritional value. This would have been a time that humans still were instinctive, so of course they brought the beloved food/medicine with them to the New World. To bring such a valued food it was perhaps the first of the comfort foods, bringing their loved food with them as something known and trusted.

So it is a curious that Modern Man has taken on the humble Dandelion with herbicide reproach. Unconsciously it has been the Dandelion that has become the poster child of eradication of the pristine mono-cultured grassland called a lawn. No teeth of the lion is allowed here, where perfection is eradicating every damn Dandelion on the sterile lawn. It is a thing of status to accomplish the Man over Nature lawn. Nature has to be controlled by Master Modern Man.

We saw Man move from Hunter Gatherer to Agriculture, to Industrial Man, to today’s Digital, Super Tech Age. With every step Man moved ever farther from Nature in both spirit and in the blessings of it’s use.

Man was an intrinsic part of Nature at one time. Although every atom cell of our flesh is born of the flesh of plants, and we are beholden to Nature, today, generally, we are Nature deniers.

With the First World War came the need to kill on a massive scale. It brought on the Chemical Age as scientists created, studied, and measured the effects of chemicals to kill. Mustard Gas could burn a man’s skin and make him die.

With the 1st World War, we made a bold move into the World of the Machine. Nature took a back seat to the amazement of horsepower. Death could now be met out on an unprecedented scale with machined and chemicals. Death could be dispatched at a distance, impersonally. You no longer had to hold off until you saw the whites of their eyes. To the powers that be, people stopped being people.

After the war, with so many chemicals produced, and the prospects of scientists losing their jobs, and companies disappearing, scientists were instead employed to study to find out what else could be done with the hundreds of thousands of chemicals that didn’t quite kill, but could be employed in a different way; perhaps to kill insects, or plants.

And the news spread about the miracles of chemicals, and scientists could solve all of our problems. Chemicals were repurposed into our marketed needs. Chemicals pushed aside herbs as medicine. People had to smell nice and fain beauty and the Cosmetic Industry flourished. And heaven forbid your home have a smell and perfume became a $Billion Industry.

The manufacturing of chemicals is happening at an insane rate. Dr. Hideaki Chihara, Ph.D. chemist and former president of Japan Association for International Chemical Information said,  “A novel substance is either isolated or synthesized every 2.6 seconds on the average during the past 12 months, day and night, seven days a week in the world”.

The common thread required that there be a war on Nature. People had to be turned against Nature to buy products that they really didn’t need. Got bad breath, take this chemical solution. Germs became enemies to be killed. People would kill flowers because Roundup producers told them that they were weeds. Monsanto even went to lengths to change the nature of DNA.

The thing that none of the profit orchestrators banked on was that some day people would begin fearing the chemicals on the food that they ate, and people would fear the food that they put in their mouths. What the chemical peddlers didn’t bargain on was that people would get sick and go to doctors with only chemical cures, that don’t cure, and that people would want to get off of the Pharmaceutical Treadmill of buying drugs until death. The sick would go looking for real cures.

The plain truth is chemicals make us sick, and Nature heals. Our natural bodies cannot tolerate chemicals without serious consequences. If chemicals harm plants, which we are also made of it will harm us – only slower.

People sensing there is something wrong are returning to Nature in droves. With the parasite killing the host, for money, it has triggered a tsunami of change which is now on its way. It is the journey back on the road to Nature.

Let the revolution begin.