Let’s Just Make Harper King


Why don’t we just make Stephan Harper King? We have just witnessed another trade deal pop out of secrecy. Where is the uproar about another secret deal? Stephan Harper has made a habit of his dealing, after we also discovered that the Conservatives had been cooking up a deal with both Europe and China. You remember the China deal that had a 31 year back out clause. Both of those deals had been negotiated for much of the term of Harper’s time in office, such that he could have told us during 3 election campaigns, so we could decide on the deal with our votes whether or not we like the direction he was taking us. You know, mandate and that kinda stuff.

Call me old fashioned, but when I was young, political leaders would tell the electorate what they were hoping to accomplish in their term of office and let the people vote on it. I think it was called a vision for the country, or something like that. It was so long ago, and so far away from where we are today. Today we are asked to dutifully asked to swallow the whole plop of lies, negative ads, backbiting on trust that we don’t have. It seems like there is no time for issues any more. But why bother, most everyone is sleeping or bothered that we are forced to listen to the mess anyway.

Our technology has become incredible at the same time that we have entered the dark ages of political thinking amoung the populous. Space missions to Mars are on the horizon, and we, the People, have information instantly at our finger prints with computers. We have millions that have had the college and university educations, and yet we are content to live in what some question as a democracy. We are only baby steps farther along the democratic trail to what our horse riding ancestors had. But we must be okay with that because the people aren’t out into the streets protesting. Those fanatic activists are doing it.

It is so incredibly sad that we are content to be lead down a path by those whom we do not trust, but we let them, because why? We don’t want to think. We revel in our so-called knowledge, our advanced technology and our civilization, but we don’t want to think or do something about our lack of say. What does it say about those that are willing to only be alert long enough to give out their vote and then dutifully pay our taxes and shut up because we are told to; we are unwanted in the process of democracy.

We might as well just hand over the reigns of power to Harper and his money seeking MP yesmen. Let’s just make him king and then we don’t have to go through another election, and we can just go to sleep in our small little World’s.

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The Signs of Democracy.

signs 4


We are having an election, some say that it is proof that we have a Democracy, but that is not what is going on out there.

I am an Activist that has been engaged in the process of democracy for many years. That is not to say that I have been involved in political parties and I have been putting up signs and helping a candidate win a seat. No, as I see it, that is not Democracy, that is how the system is, and that is how the general public have been indoctrinated to think that this is how political activism works.

I once saw a political worker putting up signs for whom I would even consider one of the good guys of the political spectrum, the NDP. He was hammering in a post for the next sign to go up for the election. It was perhaps a bit condescending when I asked, “Why don’t you become a real activist?” To which he defended himself and he said that he was. I retorted, You call an election sprint every 5 years activism? Where were you when Bill C 51 was being rushed through Parliament? I didn’t see you at any of the protests”. To which he said, “ I signed a petition”. He sealed my point, activism, and democratic engagement doesn’t happen a mile away from the action.

I began putting up my own counter election signs 3 elections back, when I first gained an understanding that the politicians use their sea of election signs as a subliminal message to prove to us that we have a democracy. My understanding of an election is that it is merely pretence to make the People think that they have given consent, which they call a mandate, to be our decision makers. There is no “Government of the People, by the People, and for the People” here. There is only a British authoritarian system, of Royalty and Clergy making decisions for the Peasants. But in the end, elections don’t matter, the election is a shell game where issues are spun before the Peoples’ faces and then after the election there was no ball at all; the politicians steal the ball when they don’t do what they promised.

The winners of the game gets to do what they want because there are no real consequences for 4 or 5 years. An Electorate that is lead like sheep to consent to the shell game (the election) don’t understand the nuance of the mandate. The system is such that the game goes into the hands of only the players, the politicians. I refuse to accept that as truth.

I wanted to shake the system so I began putting up MY signs during the last Federal Election. These signs were meant to strike at the heart of the meaning of democracy. My sign declared, “Democracy is… Where the People Get a Say BETWEEN ELECTIONS”. Another sign said “The only sign I want to see is that the Politicians are listening”. My sign inserted the ideal into the democratic election illusion and also the truth where the lie lays. My signs with theirs could never mix, some of my signs never saw the next day. Some signs were torn down and thrown in the bushes, and one was out and out broken.

Come forward to today’s election, and I have gotten a lot more personal. Ed Holder was my former MP when I lived on Baseline Rd in London, so when I went to his office to complain about his voting in favour of the Omnibus Bill, I went down to his office and did my good citizen duty, I made clear that I did not think that his Party should ram through issues buried in the Budget. I was not sedated by the calming tones of his staff, that the budget was good for Canadians. And again, when Bill C 51 was laughingly debated in Parliament, I marched down to his office and protested that he didn’t vote for a single NDP amendment to block the increase of powers of law officers without more public oversight. Again, illusionary tones assured me that Stephan Harper was looking out for the best interests of the Canadian People by bringing in this anti terrorist law. They were quoting from the Steven script, “Bill C 51 will never be used against law abiding citizens”. (Since the Bills adoption, BC’s Privacy Commissioner begs to differ, as Oil Pipeline Protesters have their emails checked by CSIS).

So this election I have put out my signs, and to date 22 of the 23 signs that I have put up have disappeared. Some of them were stolen in broad daylight. Strangely, Ed Holder signs appeared where my signs had been, at one location.


signs 3

If you view it from the ideals helicopter, my signs are asking the basic question, do we really have a democracy? What my signs are asking is, is this your election, or is this OUR election? If this is your election and my signs have no room in it, you are admitting that we don’t have a democracy. My signs are saying that I want a say, my signs are saying with a voice as loud as I can muster, “I do not accept that you make no place for me and my voice”.

And my signs are telling the rest of you, if you want Democracy, then you better start acting like you want it; our politicians are not going to just hand it to you.

I will continue to put up my signs as long as the election lasts.



signs 5



















This is from my earlier experiment with putting up signs:


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Time to Rethink Our Allegiance to Parties


I think that it is time for citizens to rethink Parties and the Party System. We are quickly approaching the Federal Election and the Opposition Parties are quick to tell us that the Harper Government is bad for Canada and Canadians. Most Activists believe that the Harper Government is dangerous, so much so that a petition is circulating requesting the UN send in Election Monitors, suspecting that Harper is going to do something to rig the Election. 70% of Canadians want change from the present Government.

With the discontent of 70% will we see that change in Government?  With the polls showing suggesting that there are many 3 way races (London North Centre being one of those ridings) that would take the Liberals or the NDP 3rd place candidates stepping out of the race, and/or even other minor parties, but we all know that is not going to happen despite all the rhetoric of how harmful Harper is. When we are getting heaved under the political bus for the cause of Party expediency, why should we care about parties. They have chosen Party over Canada and People, why don’t we see the reality of a betrayal of us,  perhaps it is time that we should be thinking of electing Independents whose interests are more on the Constituents needs, with no Party to divert their true allegiance.

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Democratic Math

Democratic Math

I tell people that we don’t have Democracy. They look at me as if I have 2 heads, “Of course we have Democracy, we have elections” is the thought racing through their heads.

So here is the math of it, you can call it the Math of Democracy.

We have an election, that is what all politicians offer us as proof that we have a Democracy (I’ll give it that perhaps they themselves have not done the calculations).

So we have to endure their Negative adds, their back biting, finger-pointing, I’m better than them language. We sift through the lies to see if there is even a kernel of truth. We measure each candidate, and each Leader to see if they reflect even a bit of our values. We are looking to find someone to represent us, and our interest at the Government level. We are hoping to have our voices heard, when we collectively cannot be there, and we have children to feed, and roofs to put over our heads. Our representatives will be the ones to bring order to our civilization. Doing our duty, we make a choice and elect someone.

We send this person to Ottawa, or Toronto, or Edmonton, or wherever our representatives sit, and we pay this person generously, to transmit our will and values.

And then their Leaders tell them how to vote.

We had Democracy up until that point, and then the Leaders cut the legs off of our Democracy.

In the end we have our so-called representatives going about in Ottawa, subverting our Democracy by not representing us, but rather, the will of the Corporate Elites, and doing it on our dime.

Our sleep has let it happen.

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Only One Election Question

number 1

Only One Election Question

There is only one election question that needs to be asked of candidates to find out whom you should vote for. It make it very easy to sift through all the negativity of Negative Ads, the lies and false posturing.

The question is: “If there is an issue to which your Party favours, or promotes, but to which your constituents oppose, how will you vote, whom will you represent”.

If the candidate doesn’t immediately state that s(he) is there for the People of the Constituency, and is there for them only, then that person DOES NOT DESERVE YOUR VOTE. Or if you know that your incumbent candidate was a sheep for their leader, then that person is not worthy of your vote.

By the very basics of Democracy, you are voting for someone to represent you. Don’t you forget that or you will get something other than Democracy at the result of the election. You will given away your right to have a say between elections.

This is the one and only question that I ask the candidates before I determine whom I will vote for. And so you understand, in the last 11 elections I have only found 3 candidates that were worth voting for. The rest of the times I have immediately told the candidates that they are not worthy of my vote because they will only subvert democracy by not serving their constituents.

At the Poll, I destroy my ballot. I write on my ballot, “None of these people will represent me or their constituents, they will only represent the party that they are affiliated with”.

Voting for the lesser of the evils is ridiculous, and it is due to this idiocy that has gotten us in this worsening mess every election. It is time we started voting for Democracy.

It is time that we start avoiding voting for anyone that is a party sheep, and instead vote for Independents that will only be obliged to the constituents that elected them.

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The Republic of the Imagination

The arguement could just as well made that ideas are powerful. This is a definite listen to podcast. You can hear the interview take on a life of its own, so inspiring. The interview is with  CBC’s  wonderful Anna Maria Temonti. Anna Maria was speaking to form Iranian writer Azar Nafisi about how the ideas of novels inspire ideas that change the world.

It is revealing interview such as this that leads me to say that the CBC must be saved.


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The Manufacturing of Consent

The Manufacturing of Consent is a You Tube clip of a true story how one man used advertising to change people into consumer driven, non thinkers, just consuming. It is totally relevant to how we are sheep and compliant to just buying and being good little boys and girls. This is rare video and should be shared so everyone will know how we got where we are.

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