Reportedly, Chinese Troops are in Syria

During the Fed election I said that the Parties should tell us where they stand about Russia in the fight against ISIS. Obviously the Russians were not fighting ISIS, to consolidate their interests in the Middle East, Russia is there to keep Assad in power.

It is outrageous that Russia is allowed to indiscriminately kill Syrian civilians, in the pretense of fighting ISIS.

Now that China is there my message statement is doubled.

Perhaps Russia is upping the anny to make the point that America is a fading force in the world today. America/ Obama talks a good talk, but America is too broke to fight Russia, and especially a wealthy China. Will China now be flexing its political muscle?

There will be more effort to keep this out of the news than there will be to protect civilians.

If China has indeed formed a new alliance with their old comrades Russia,we are at a dangerous point in history with America, our traditional protector being broke.