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Ford Democracy 101

It has become difficult to know if Toronto politics, Ford Democracy 101 is a comedy or a tragedy. You could say that it is un-Ford-tunate what is going on. Now that I have that out of the way, Rob Ford … Continue reading

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The New Democracy

Here you sit, in the Chamber of the London City Hall. London Council is going to vote on whether or not they will ask Mayor Fontana to step aside. The meeting, because it seems irrelevant to you, seems boring. But … Continue reading

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Doing Your Part

The Council vote has been taken and Mayor Fontana has comfortably retained his place on Council; he would have anyway due to the flaw in the Municipal Act. To me the flaw in the Municipal act is that there is … Continue reading

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Making Mayor Fontana Accountable

Since Mayor Fontana was charged by the RCMP London has been in the Canadian spotlight. A group of London citizens fear that businesses may not come to London due to fears that with someone with charges at London’s helm. London … Continue reading

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Prorogation – That’s a Funny Little Word

Prorogation – that’s a funny little word, but it means that someone has suspended your Democracy. In the case of Harper before and McGuinty today, prorogation of our Governments has been by men who didn’t have the votes of a … Continue reading

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Triple Whammy as Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty Resigns

Notice: Anyone interested in staging a protest over Prorogation are asked to contact me through pushinback@yahoo.ca 1st Whammy: Ontarians will be wakening to the surprise of Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty resigning from office (I know I had a nap at … Continue reading

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