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Harper, Gun Control and Bill C 51

I am preparing for a protest on Saturday, but a thought came to me that I wanted to share: Harper has crossed a line, those that supported him were people that liked his stance on gun control (that was their … Continue reading

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Enter the New Dimension of Democracy

Enter Into the New Dimension of Democracy and Elections We are all trapped in the bounds of our thoughts. The universe of life is without visible limits, yet we cannot seem to see beyond the limits of our actions, those … Continue reading

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Vets Returned – At War With OUR Government

I grew up in a household of a man that lost his leg during WW2. We lived on a farm so from an early age I had to assume many of the chores that he couldn’t do. Knowing what adjustments … Continue reading

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Why I Don’t Namecall in My Posts

Last week on my Facebook someone had posted a comment that was pro-Harper. Of course the 99% of the people frequenting my Facebook would be of the mind that Harper is a scoundrel, at best, or more likely a traitor, … Continue reading

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Hey Joe Clark, Why Not Start a New Movement

I just read an  Star article called “What Stephen Harper and Rob Ford have in common”, written by Haroon Siddiqui. In his excellant article Siddiqui wrote of Joe Clark  (Canada’s 16th Prime Minister), stating “Clark is no fan of Harper’s, … Continue reading

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Duffy and Wallin in Deep Water

There is a desert story of a rattlesnake and a fox at a river. The fox was down to the river to get a drink when the rattlesnake approached the fox and said “the current is strong in the river … Continue reading

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Austerity Goes Too Far

Doing a little research on the topic of making news I came across a newspaper clipping generator that I thought that I would have a little fun with. As you can see the article is called “Conservative Austerity Goes Too … Continue reading

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