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Let’s Just Make Harper King

Why don’t we just make Stephan Harper King? We have just witnessed another trade deal pop out of secrecy. Where is the uproar about another secret deal? Stephan Harper has made a habit of his dealing, after we also discovered … Continue reading

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Hits to my Posts are Up, and Growing

Hits to my Posts are Up, and Growing. If you are reading my posts, and you are enjoying them, likely your political friends, family, some office colleagues and acquaintances will too. They are people like you and I are. People … Continue reading

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Enter the New Dimension of Democracy

Enter Into the New Dimension of Democracy and Elections We are all trapped in the bounds of our thoughts. The universe of life is without visible limits, yet we cannot seem to see beyond the limits of our actions, those … Continue reading

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Input Wanted – on Petition Supporting the Reform Act

I am proposing to sent up a petition to support Michael Chong, in his attempt to get the Reform Act made into law. The Reform act is intended to make MP’s represent the interest of the interests of their constituents … Continue reading

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Proportional Representation is Not a Panacea

Proportional Representation is Not a Panacea. One blogger, commenting on Michael Chong’s new Reform Act seems to think that it is. This was my response to his assertion. I agree that Proportional Representation (PR) would be a good thing for … Continue reading

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I Just Set up a Petition to Support Brent Rathgerber

(Thanks to National Post for picture of Edmonton MP Brent Rathgeber, who left the Harper Caucus ) I just started a petition to ask Canadians to support Members of Parliament that resist their Party and the control to get them voting … Continue reading

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The Party System – An Illusion of a Democracy

Essential Knowledge Needed to Grow a Democracy part 9 Not My Idea of a Party How many times have we seen where there is a big vote in Parliament, or a legislature, and heard the leaders of the parties , … Continue reading

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