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What the Heck is Going on Out There? (Banking)

As written in the “What the Heck is Going on Out There (Multinational Corporattions)”, which is part 1 of this article, I wrote that there  wasn’t enough money in the pockets of consumers to maintain high profits, and thus the … Continue reading

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Keep Your Eye on ALEC

A caution needs to go out to American readers to be aware of the existence of an American organization called Alec. Alec brings American legislators together with Multinational Corporations, with the expressed purpose of drafting sample legislation that appears to … Continue reading

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Scary Revalations About Our Food in Canada

There are some things that we need as certainties in our lives; things that we depend on our governments to oversee and secure to be safe. One of those things is our food supply. There was a time when Canadians … Continue reading

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