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Our Butts Don’t Need to be Kicked

Preface: I thought of the idea of the article “Why the 1% Keep Kicking Our 99% Butts” over 6 months ago, but I put it off for a long time – at the time I knew the  subject matter  would … Continue reading

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Ford Democracy 101

It has become difficult to know if Toronto politics, Ford Democracy 101 is a comedy or a tragedy. You could say that it is un-Ford-tunate what is going on. Now that I have that out of the way, Rob Ford … Continue reading

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Helping Rob Ford Make the Decision to Get Help.

As we have seen today, Rob Ford still doesn’t see that he has done anything wrong and is not going to go easy, and being a stubborn man if he has his way he is not going anywhere. Last week … Continue reading

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Hey Joe Clark, Why Not Start a New Movement

I just read an  Star article called “What Stephen Harper and Rob Ford have in common”, written by Haroon Siddiqui. In his excellant article Siddiqui wrote of Joe Clark  (Canada’s 16th Prime Minister), stating “Clark is no fan of Harper’s, … Continue reading

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