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Makayla Sault Dies of Cancer

              I am writing this letter in case the Medical System moves in to carve up the movement toward the use of herbs. This article was written with the advent of the unfortunate event … Continue reading

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What the Heck is Going On Out There? (Multinational Corporations)

I cannot over – emphasize the need for the people of America, and their cousins, Canadians to understand this issue of moving toward an oligarchy of the rich. If we do not act, if not our children, then our grandchildren … Continue reading

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Why the 1% Keep Kicking Our 99% Butts

Why the 1% Keep Kicking Our Butts. Before I begin my writing, please watch this video clip to get a feeling for the problem we face and some perspective of what we need to do to change our dire situation. … Continue reading

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This Is What You Get When You Have Real Democracy

In my last post I wrote about how I believed that the Swiss System of Direct Democracy was the best Democracy on the planet, and I would add perhaps in the history of the planet as well. In the last … Continue reading

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The Swiss System of Democracy

This is a picture of the Direct Democracy of Switzerland where the people get to vote on all issues that effect their country and community. Yes even the budget. The Swiss System of Democracy is the most advanced Democracy on … Continue reading

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Yeehaw, Riding the 1% Dream

So, how is your treadmill treating you? It was not too many years ago that a man could go to work and make a sufficient enough funds to keep his family. Then expenses became such that the lady of the … Continue reading

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Keep Your Eye on ALEC

A caution needs to go out to American readers to be aware of the existence of an American organization called Alec. Alec brings American legislators together with Multinational Corporations, with the expressed purpose of drafting sample legislation that appears to … Continue reading

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