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Despite the Silence of the Sheeple

Please watch this video. I will leave my comments to after it is viewed.   Wow, what a courageous woman. I am in awe of her courage. I know that this is an American woman standing before an American body … Continue reading

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Attack Ads

If our Democracy is to flourish in Canada, Canadians must understand this point about politics…..Attack ads are a tool of those whom have nothing interesting or important to say. They say more about the smallness of the attackers than the … Continue reading

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A New View Through the Window of Life

  When I was a teen I got quite depressed over how cruel people could be to each other; I had grown up on a remote farm, and I had not seen the interactions between people much. I had to … Continue reading

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The Bird Flu is Nothing to Fear

The bird flu outbreak in the turkey population in Woodstock, Ontario, is a tragedy to the farmers and must send a fearful chill up the backs of all poultry producers in the area. The incident of the outbreak exposes some … Continue reading

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Something Missing from the Duffy Trial So Far

I wrote this blog back in Oct. 30th, 2013 about the Duffy controversy, and I am re-posting it because the issue still hasn’t been discussed in the news; it is a point that still hasn’t come out. I hope you … Continue reading

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Podcasts – Insides into the Minds of 1 Percenters

Nick Hanauer One Percenter says that growing inequality will either lead to a Police State, or to a pitch forks of revolution.…/world…/ht/ht_20150325-0500a.mp3 John Caudwell Billionaire Businessman – John Caudwell says that the Super Rich not paying more taxes is … Continue reading

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One 1%er Warns the 1% Not to be So Greedy – It is NOT GOOD FOR YOU

This is a podcast about the parasites in the 1% that are going to kill the host that will cause them, the parasite to possible be destroyed. This is a podcast of one 1%er that is warning the 1% that … Continue reading

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