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More Dangerous than Terrorists

We have heard our Prime Minister to refer to the perpetrators of the 2 deadly acts on soldiers as Terrorists and he has said that these Terrorists will not deter us or our Democracy. They suggest the implementing of new … Continue reading

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the Great Halloween Pumpkin Carving Site

Near Halloween of 2012 I made a post of how to make great pumpkins. This is for all of you wonderful artists that I know. Come see what you can create with a pumpkin and the tools like those in … Continue reading

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Effective Activism Against GMO’s

Here is a You Tube Clip that Dennis Siren of Saby Siren Productions kindly produced for me. It was me talking on the topic of my projection that in 15 years Monsanto would be a shadow of what it is … Continue reading

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Effective Activism

I am writing this as a consequence of participating in a stimulating conversation with some environmental activists. I was so stimulated that I had to get it down on paper, and the following day I got it down on a … Continue reading

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Why I Am Passionate Teaching the Mysteries of Herbs

I love what I am doing, using and teaching about herbs. Many people have told me that I should charge people money for teaching my workshops, but I tell them that I do not want money for the workshops, etc. … Continue reading

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