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The Swiss System of Democracy

This is a picture of the Direct Democracy of Switzerland where the people get to vote on all issues that effect their country and community. Yes even the budget. The Swiss System of Democracy is the most advanced Democracy on … Continue reading

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Ford Democracy 101

It has become difficult to know if Toronto politics, Ford Democracy 101 is a comedy or a tragedy. You could say that it is un-Ford-tunate what is going on. Now that I have that out of the way, Rob Ford … Continue reading

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Why I Don’t Namecall in My Posts

Last week on my Facebook someone had posted a comment that was pro-Harper. Of course the 99% of the people frequenting my Facebook would be of the mind that Harper is a scoundrel, at best, or more likely a traitor, … Continue reading

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History is Missed in the Senate Debate

A knowledge of history is missing in the Senate debate. I have not yet heard any reference to the reasoning for the Senate that the Fathers of Confederation used in their decision to form the Senate. At Confederation the Provinces … Continue reading

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Helping Rob Ford Make the Decision to Get Help.

As we have seen today, Rob Ford still doesn’t see that he has done anything wrong and is not going to go easy, and being a stubborn man if he has his way he is not going anywhere. Last week … Continue reading

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Rob Ford’s Problems

The public is terribly polarized over the Rob Ford’s confessions and with his associations within those of the drug world. While many want him to go, the polling numbers have grown stronger in his support. But in all this political … Continue reading

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A War Hero Lived in My House

I remember my father‘s sacrifice on Remembrance Day. Dad’s name was Cecil McQueen, Mac or McQueen to his friends. (Dad with both his legs) My Dad lost his leg during the 2nd World War, so Remembrance Days are always unsettling … Continue reading

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