Fellow Canadians: The time has come for all Canadian to face reality; our country’s political health is seriously deteriorating. People are becoming more and more disillusioned and fed up with politicians and their political parties. While the Canadian taxpayer is expected to quietly and dutifully pay his or her income taxes while we get little if any say on public policy. This is something that I wrote over 25 years ago, and today the Occupy Movement is the personification of what I wrote back then. There has always been the 99% and a 1% that calls the shots. Since my mid 20’s I have been waiting for this day, when Canadians would beginning to stop and wonder just what is going on in the world. The difference today is, that when the financial world starts crashing around your feet, finally you look around and shake yourself, from your sleep and your illusions, and you wonderfully awake.
I have been political most of my almost 60 years of life. Strangely, my political life was almost entirely moved by 2 Douglas’. In 1960, my parents took our family of 8 to hear the leader of a new federal political party. We sat at the front, and I, as a 10 year old, sat staring up, mesmerized at the fervor , the passion of the speaker. The speaker was Tommy Douglas, who was voted the Greatest Canadian in 2004. After his speech, he worked the room, and when it came my turn to be spoken to, he said to me that I should become active  politically when I get older. His words to me impacted me deeply, so much so that I campaigned for the NDP, on my own and as a 11 year old in a Conservative town.
In my 20’s I became a philosophical Social Creditor. As a CH Douglas Social Creditor, I turned my back on the Party System, which belief I have maintained until today. So I have had made it my goal to share the wealth of democratic learning which I have acquired in my many years of activism and study. What I hope to accomplish in writing my blog is to inform those who have slept so deeply, and by doing so, help in my small way, to bring to fruition the revolution  to real democracy that is now sweeping across the Earth. Truly, the slaves will rise up against their masters.

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